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Expedition 1- Backpacking

The geologic history, cultural significance and ecological classroom of the desert southwest  are unparalleled. The towering sandstone spires and buttes of this vast wilderness area  provide the ideal setting for learning the basics of wilderness travel, including how to read  topographical maps, safely cross rivers and traverse slickrock.  Students take an active part  in planning routes, setting up camp and cooking meals.  Quality communication skills and  productive group dynamics strengthen the expedition team and establish a positive learning  environment.  Personal autonomy and leadership skills are natural outcomes of learning to  make informed decisions as part of an expedition. 

Technical Skills  Pack and organize backpacks  GPS and compass navigation  Geology  Leave No Trace® principles  Leadership Skills  Route planning  Decision making  Critical thinking 
Self Awareness  Accepting help  Identify personal strengths  Goal setting  Group Processing  Group management  Leadership styles  Informed decision making