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Dear Expedition Therapy: Canyoneering With My Brother

Dear Expedition Therapy,
I just wanted to say thank you for inviting me to join my brother on a 4-day Canyoneering Expedition. I really enjoyed the entire experience and felt like I got a lot out of it, both experientially and technically. The Expedition Therapy Instructor Team and students are all exceptional people with strong character and goals. 
I now feel closer to my little brother than I have since we were small children. I can never thank you enough for teaching him coping skills, and how to deal more effectively with struggles he has with addiction and accountability. Also, thank you for helping him to reconnect with the strong, confident, and committed man that he had been before. 
Much love and thanks,

Walking Along The Path Of The Ancients…

Our cultural exploration week in the back country proved to be an amazing experience. We felt like we were walking in the footsteps of Native Americans and also virtually travelled back to prehistoric times. We were told that the interpretations are just recommended meanings and symbols are descriptors. Panels are still being studied by teams of archaeologists.

Rock art is often found near or next to ruins. The art is sometimes coated with a desert type varnish made of iron and manganese. A pioneer scientist from ASU, Ronald I. Dorn, has created various technologies to determine the dates of these rock art sites.

We hiked nineteen miles in open meadows with twists and turns that eventually led to tall canyons walls covered with large anthropomorphic figures. Some resembled Shamans. There were amphitheaters and sheltered coves where the ancients created remote cliff dwellings for their families to live as they travelled across the rugged, windswept desert.

Petroglyphs tell stories of those who have come before us. These are some of the largest, most well preserved rock art panels containing pictographs and petroglyphs. Many panels contain mountain sheep, goats, figures, handprints, birds, and other abstract images appear.

Circles were revealed all along the way and represent the Sun. A circle that was filled in represents the Moon. Filled in dots are symbols of eyes. Shields and arrows are also depicted.

Often, directions were left, notes, and symbols left for those who have yet to travel these lands. A symbol of one figure atop another represents Generations of the same tribe. Figures standing next to one another are suggestive of individual who are in the same family. Fertility symbols also appear. Coyotes, dogs, and wolves are also shown in abundance.

To be continued….

Rock Climbing Expedition: An Inconceivable Spark…by Nick G.

This was my first climb ever and I felt like my personal power was beginning to emerge. The ultimate test of a persons inner power is being open to learning how to rock climb. Initially, I felt over confident. Climbing up toward the crux, my confidence was shattered and I was unable to get past the 10 foot crack in front of me. I dangled on the rope… exasperated!

Then, I felt like my personal power was beginning to emerge. It wasn't until an inconceivable spark was I able to make the impossible possible. Where my spark came from… I have no idea. I trust it and being in the moment gives me an opportunity to focus and be present. I think I got connected to my heart, heart being a combination of wills.

The Expedition Team is singing me the "Rocky" theme song!

I think that life has many things in common with my climb. For example, when a person's heart is into something completely, then so much more can be accomplished. I am thinking of  the quote, "each of us can achieve the impossible in our lives. Dream big and make those dreams come true." This quote, by Bill Strickland, has a passionate message for us to engage  in being fully awake so we can lead extraordinary lives, and create a legacy.

"I must say that my climbing experience is so worth the exhaustion and extreme effort I've invested into this week's Expedition. I feel that by giving all of what I have inside of myself…  emotionally, mentally and physically, and focused this energy toward something I believe in is akin to experiencing what I am truly capable of in my life".

T.D. here…. "I want to tell you that, I LOVE ROCK CLIMBING!" Now, I want to share my thoughts about trust. Trust is climbing and climbing is trust. I have to trust the rope, the person who is belaying me, trust the equipment, and myself. It's also about not getting attached to one route or another. The possibilities on the rock wall are limitless. The more I practice, the more adept I become. I feel open to the creative possibilities that exist for me. 

T.D. feels right at home on the wall. He went up and down faster than an elevator. Teaching what he's learned is a powerful strength of his. T.D. is always available to support whomever needs guidance. Before T.D. arrived at Expedition Therapy, he taught climbing at an indoor gym. He will tell you he has a new passion for climbing outside in the beauty of nature.

Talk about exuberance, D.C. had just joined Expedition Therapy and wasted no time getting involved, put on his climbing shoes, a sit harness and helmet then began to make his way up the wall. He had previous experience climbing and was open to learning more. T.D. provided support and the technical skills required for a very successful climb.

D… You can do it!

Our fearless leader A.W. is also a climber who is engaged in the Climbing Expedition. We are all in awe of his skill level as a guide, strategist, teacher, and role model. We all appreciate A.W.'s tireless efforts and thank him a million times a day for everything he does to support each one of us who have made a commitment to engage in Expedition Therapy's intensive, therapeutic immersion experience.

"Meet the Challenge"

Go A!

Stay tuned for our next therapeutic Expedition….