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My Expedition Life Path…by D.C.

"Learning to become patient is the hardest thing for me to deal with. I feel I'm becoming more aware of my emotions each day. This is the first time I feel like I'm not judging myself. My Expedition Instructors and fellow students are supporting me unconditionally on all levels.

I started building this balsa airplane over 3 weeks ago. I work on it in between expeditions and have spent over 8 hours just sanding it. This seems like an excellent way to practice being patient! I also like learning about airplane construction, flight, and wind patterns. I have another plane to build which is a step up from this one. Stay tuned for more flight information!

I'm getting back into shape by rock climbing, canyoneering, backpacking and hiking. I don't feel distracted and irritable. I'm building confidence by engaging in each day's challenges. Being at ET has allowed me to start to evolve and really create who I want to become. I'm also sober and that is amazing".

We Want You On Our Next Expedition! Climbing Tales & Fish Stories

This is an opportune time to meet super Chimney Climber Gabe. This is his first climbing expedition ever, and a fun fact about him is that his smile beams both day and night.

This lovely young lady from PA, you'll hear say "on belay", she's a fearless strong leader who could do without skeeters yet loves to rock climb during months April and May!
This is our dear friend B-rax. Attempted a 5.11a with no hesitation and nailed it.
Sir Peter gained real momentum then started hesitatin', he really just tried some escapin', he froze on the wall, then started to stall, till Ben said let go of your fixatin'. He took a quick rest and gave it his best then launched to the top with no reservation. Word.
Smiling 24/7
Our Climbing Guru Extraordinaire. He likes fruits and veggies.
Coffee cake,too.
Yes he is so very extraordinary as is his Espresso.
D.C. is all about meeting the challenge & he is a major support to his team. He likes to cook and he loves to climb, not necessarily at the same time. He likes his potatoes without onions!
D.C. is all over it! Internal Motivation.
N.G. is a natural on the wall. Yes, he is flying. Excellent.

Beth made a conscious decision to be present, and she let go of all attachment to fear. Beth never rock climbed before today.

Beth likes to climb in her BAT COAT!

Aaron is a fluid and graceful climber.

Aaron is also a gentleman and a scholar.

Rock climbing, canyoneering, cultural exploration, service, see the vast beauty of the southwest, learn wilderness first aid, have fun, play games, engage in group discussions, become self-aware. Get out of your head and into your life at Expedition Therapy. Meet the E.T. Challenge Today.

My Expedition Toward Autonomy…by T.D.

The time that I have spent at Expedition Therapy has been the most enlightening experience of my life. While I am looking forward to my next step, I am really sad to leave E.T. I am sad to say goodbye to my Expedition Therapy Team as they have been there for me literally every day and night, caring for me more than I could have ever imagined. They have taught me so much and challenged my emotional growth in ways that I never thought possible.

I don't think that I could ever thank them enough. I wish to share one last bit of insight with my blog followers and it goes something like this. "It's okay to say how you feel, practice letting go of what's outside your control, always say what you mean and mean what you say, and lastly, you can ask for what you need. Oh, and remember not to put 4 sticks of butter in the fettuccine. Thanks for reading my blog. I'll be staying in touch, Expedition Therapy!"