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A Mid-Point Testimonial…by J.Z.

The combination of action and reflection that Expedition Therapy promotes is by far the most effective means of therapy I have ever received.

I have been pushed to emotional, physical and intellectual boundaries that seemed too far away to imagine only four weeks ago.

I now address conflict, scale 170-foot cliffs, and climb sheer rock faces. In the shadow of these accomplishments are my fears, preconceived notions, anxiety and depression.

The confidence I have gained from pushing myself physically has inspired an emotional boldness, which has allowed me to address issues I was too scared to rehash.

I am far from finishing the Expedition Therapy experience, but I am already in awe of what it can do when I allow it to take hold. I am particularly grateful for the amazing students I share this experience with, as well as for the staff, whose insight and openness make hard issues seem manageable and tough questions seem answerable.