Education & Curriculum

Education & Curriculum

The Expedition Therapy curriculum combines leadership and technical skills training with therapeutic processes that develop self-awareness and productive group dynamics. Within this curriculum, students establish a foundation of personal autonomy from which to set goals and overcome challenges. Therapists and instructors facilitate the experiential education process by utilizing teaching moments, role modeling and mentoring.

Technical Skills and Leadership

The mountains and canyons of the desert southwest are a natural classroom. The technical skills learned in the curriculum give students the tools to safely explore these wilderness areas. Utilizing the experiential, hands-on approach of “see one, do one, teach one,” students apply what they learn throughout their expeditions. The teamwork, trust and confidence integral to the technical skills of the program tie directly to therapeutic issues and leadership development.

Students step into leadership roles and practice group management, organization and decision making. As students gain skill and responsibility, they discover their personal strengths – both as individuals and as members of an expedition team. Additionally, students are actively involved in developing lesson plans and teaching their peers a variety of topics, from desert navigation and setting rock anchors to running therapeutic group discussions and team building initiatives. Expedition Therapy gives students the tools to succeed in all aspects of life.

Self-Awareness and Group Process

The Expedition Therapy program integrates group processing and self-awareness as core components of the curriculum. Clinicians and mentors work one-on-one with students to develop personalized, expedition-based treatment plans. Participants benefit from engaging leadership challenges that incorporate group specific topics while raising self-awareness in a non-traditional, therapeutic setting. Small group sizes give the Expedition Therapy program the flexibility to assist with challenges and evaluate progress.


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