Base Camp Model

The Expedition Therapy base camp provides incoming students with a welcoming atmosphere for orientation. Out in the field, participants actively learn technical skills and leadership techniques in canyoneering, backpacking, mountaineering and rock climbing on wilderness expeditions. Combined with daily therapeutic goals and group discussions to strengthen the experience and outcomes, these challenging expeditions are integral to personal growth and development.

Following each week’s expedition, groups return to the Expedition Therapy base camp. Our expedition base camp is the ideal setting from which to review previous expeditions and prepare for the next, address personal challenges and reset individual and group goals in healthy, positive ways. Actively participating with the preparation and planning for each expedition gives students a sense of ownership and promotes goal setting and teamwork.

Base camp support provides smooth transitions between the base camp, field expeditions and life back at home. Participants have the chance to reconnect with family and former mentors, escape the elements, shower, enjoy community meals and meet with a therapist. Additionally, instructors may teach about a variety of topics including family systems, first aid skills or resumé writing.

The schedule and curriculum may vary according to season, accessibility and individualized treatment plan.

Expeditions Overview