Carved by water over eons, a slot canyon is a narrow canyon, significantly deeper than it is wide. Our field areas have the highest concentration of slot canyons in the world, offering a variety of routes to choose from based on technical difficulty, upstream precipitation and drainage topography. Working as a team to navigate these canyons requires cohesion in the group and sets a common goal. This expedition mentality cultivates social flexibility and individual strengths. As the routes selected become more challenging, students must rely on the technical skills covered throughout the week. Rappelling, ascending, escaping potholes and building anchors helps students build trust and work through their anxieties to achieve expedition goals.

Technical Skills

  • Knot Tying
  • Rappelling & Safety Backups
  • Ascending & Escape Routes
  • Weather Assessment

Self Awareness

  • Personal Safety & Self Care
  • Evaluation of Core Beliefs
  • Ownership & Accountability

Leadership Skills

  • Task Delegation
  • Timing & Pacing
  • Situational Awareness

Group Processing

  • Team Building Initiatives
  • Active Listening
  • Internal vs. External Motivations