Take Flight
“Take Flight is all about hands on learning, making a commitment, practicing, and sticking with it. We teach practical skill sets a student can use to learn how to fly and also launch into his or her life with intention, awareness, and grace.”
– The Expedition Therapy Team

Launching into life is a lot like learning how to fly. Both are complex processes that take time to master. Both require knowledge, planning, focus and experience. Both demand focus and have consequences: an airplane, like a recovery, can be destroyed instantly through inattention.

Take Flight explores an environment not usually encountered during weekly expeditions – the atmosphere. Each student has responsibility for building an electrically powered, radio-controlled model airplane and making it airworthy. Next comes instruction aimed at a solid practical understanding of the physics of flight, followed by hands-on flying lessons.

As in our other expeditions, students learn techniques, then improve their skills through personal participation. Students progress through takeoffs, level flight, turns, altitude changes, and landings, as well as emergency situations such as a sudden loss of power. Instructors use “tethered” control units that allow them to interact with students, just as they would if seated side-by-side in an actual aircraft.

If a student’s plane crashes, lessons are learned about repairing the damage and getting back into the air, an apt metaphor for dealing with setbacks encountered in life. Students can pursue this hobby after they complete their stay at Expedition Therapy, taking it with them to their next step, sharing it with others, and enjoying it throughout their lives.

Through Take Flight, Expedition Therapy teaches its students how to “solo” in flight and in life, helping them learn to creatively solve problems and make decisions “on the fly.”