Family Support

We invite you, as parents and siblings of Expedition Therapy participants, to join us in establishing a foundation of trust and respect from which your loved one is able to succeed. A successful experience relies on family members taking an active role in the Expedition Therapy process.

Throughout the admissions process, Expedition Therapy therapists and family members work together to ensure that students receive individualized therapeutic care. A therapist spends time with each student and their family to support and facilitate mutual growth, trust and respect. Therapy sessions help identify effective support structures and provide resources that foster communication skills and leadership development.

The Expedition Therapy therapeutic team keeps families involved with regular communication and updates from the field. With ongoing encouragement from family members, Expedition Therapy participants are empowered with a support system to succeed.

We welcome families to participate in their very own personalized custom Family Expedition in Utah. This intensive weekend experience gives families the opportunity to share in depth and move forward with new communication skills and respect. Experience the success firsthand as your loved one leads you through the wilderness, teaches team building initiatives and shares his or her backcountry and leadership skills.