Therapeutic Expedition Mentality®

Our Therapeutic Expedition Mentality® is an innovative, clinical, hands-on, approach to leadership, personal growth, group dynamics, and expedition education. This tested and proven approach has been designed specifically for young adults who have yet to find a productive and intentional path in life. Our Therapeutic Expedition Mentality® is an empowering option for young adults who want to have balance in their lives, stay sober, and reconnect with their authentic selves.

The Expedition Therapy curriculum emphasizes the learning and mastering of skill sets such as self-awareness, time management, and group dynamics, as well as a proactive approach to relapse prevention. Our variety of challenging expeditions provides our students with opportunities to learn, teach, and lead in the rugged backcountry of southern Utah. All of these valuable skills are directly transferable to life. The ongoing, continuous processing between staff and students, discussing and understanding lessons learned and experiences shared, accelerates the personal growth and maturity of Expedition Therapy participants.

Specific substance abuse, isolation, excessive gaming and other self-destructive issues are treated through regular sessions with Expedition Therapy’s therapeutic team. This adds an extra dimension to our intensive process of supporting young adults as they learn and master skills that can be applied to whatever comes next, restoring them back to a more healthy, clean and sober lifestyle.

Expedition Therapy promotes self-discovery through goal-oriented, solution-based approaches to personal challenges. The Expedition Therapy Mentality® is designed for individuals who have a desire to grow far beyond what they believe they can accomplish, finding a deeper meaning and purpose in their lives.

These are the contributing elements of the Therapeutic Expedition Mentality®:

  • Respect – Mutual respect is the foundation for developing positive, communicative relationships within the expedition and the community at large. Also, respect for the inherent risks of the wilderness leads to sound decision making.
  • Empathy – The physical and mental well being of your teammates is directly related to expedition success. Mutual support helps each person accomplish their individual goals.
  • Contribution – Each and every person actively contributes to the accomplishments of an expedition. Ownership, responsibility and accountability are natural outcomes.
  • Help – Help others and accept help. Expeditions move only as fast as the slowest person in the team. Recognizing and accepting different abilities by assisting others with pack weight, helping to set up a tent or learn an essential skill, you and the expedition as a whole are set up for success.
  • Motivation – Remaining positive in challenging situations and participating with enthusiasm are key elements of expedition mentality.