From A Student To A Mentor…by T.D.

Five months after I had left, I came back to Expedition Therapy to be a Mentor. Even though my stay only lasted a week, it was a fantastic, fun and powerful experience.

Coming back as a Mentor felt totally different from being at Expedition Therapy as a student. Being able to have the trust to do things like carry the first aid kit, participate in the Wilderness First Aid certification course (which I had taken as a student), call to check into base camp, and be involved in most staff discussions, all helped me feel like part of the team. There were even times that I gave staff some suggestions and they accepted my input.

Being able to come back was like a refresher, and an excellent way to support my recovery process. I was able to connect with the students and share advice on how I have dealt with things, and some things that might help them as well.

It was also fun to be a part of their project to build a sustainable pizza oven, made from locally available natural materials, at the Expedition Base Camp.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Expedition Team instructors A. and C., who were here with me in the field.

Working with C. was a blast – from the first day, he was behind me and gave me his trust. In return, I expressed my gratitude to him.

Thank you, Beth, not just for letting me come back to Expedition Therapy and be a Mentor, but also for giving me the support I needed, and more! You are an amazing woman and therapist.