WFA – Hooray!

Our group had the opportunity earn our Wilderness First Aid certifications by completing the WFA Expedition. Powerful and exciting realizations happened in an environment we could all relate to – the outdoors is our classroom! Our Instructor taught us how to be a Rescue Team, where we were each assigned a specific function related to various emergency situations. We learned the ABC's of Wilderness First Aid as well as how to complete a thorough incident report.

The Rescue Team has a leader, who directs all other members according to their roles in an emergency. Learning all about Rescue Breathing, CPR and dealing with choking situations is of vital importance in the backcountry. Since our beautiful models were off on another photo shoot, we had to settle for Ms. Props and her lovely sister!

The Portable Field Defibrillator is a very reliable device that is used in case of a cardiac arrest. We learned that this impressive machine gives you the power to help save a life – in a situation where every second counts!

Other Wilderness First Aid lessons we learned included head injuries, dislocations, sprains, fractures, burns, bleeding, heat-related issues, and insect bites. Best of all, we felt like we had really accomplished something, as none of had successfully completed any type of educational pursuit in quite some time. Thanks, Expedition Therapy!