“You guys perform miracles!!!”

– Mother of Expedition Therapy student


“Expedition Therapy has been one of the most influential experiences of my life. Before Expedition Therapy, I had no confidence and no belief in myself. I was lost, anxious and confused.

Expedition Therapy gave me the confidence I needed to move on to bigger and better things. I have learned to take charge, gaining leadership skills that will take me far in life. It’s a great feeling to have others listen and respond positively to me. The strength I now feel, both inside and out, will be a lasting gift to myself and those around me.

Because of Expedition Therapy, I feel like a champion. I am not only clean, healthy and active, but also on my way to living a productive and joy-filled life. Expedition Therapy has helped me to become the truly happy adult I want to be.”

– Former Expedition Therapy student


“It’s hard to know where to begin to express our gratitude for all you’ve done to help us and our son.

We sent you a lost, confused boy with no direction, extreme anxiety and substance dependence. Yet from the moment he arrived, he realized that Expedition Therapy is where he belonged, and he has been thanking us ever since.

Your compassion and understanding of what our son needed were amazing. You looked at him as an individual. You taught him to recognize his strengths and deal with his weaknesses, as well as how to reduce his anxieties without the use of artificial substances. You showed him how great life can be when seen clearly and with purpose. Now that he has experienced a more positive way to live his life, he is determined to stay clean, sober, and focused. You have given him a sense of self worth.

Our weekly conference calls and ongoing email communication were invaluable, helping us to understand our son in a way we had not been able to before. You were attuned to our individual moods and needs, always taking the time to address them. Your detailed progress reports were full of hope, compassion, and encouragement. The Expedition Therapy team truly emphasizes family healing as an essential part of the student’s recovery process – you were always there for us as well as our son!

Expedition Therapy returned to us a self-confident, substance-free young man with the coping skills to deal with life’s anxieties and a commitment to stay on the right track. Our son has moved on to a program where he will fine-tune the skills he has learned and try them out in real-life situations. He has told us that this new program would not be nearly as effective had he not had the Expedition Therapy experience first.

Thank you for giving our son the opportunity to live a happy, healthy, productive life. Expedition Therapy is where he became vested in making a better life for himself, living life free of drugs and alcohol, coping with everyday stresses, recognizing his and others’ self worth, and contributing to the community. We don’t think he could have done it without you. Thank you for giving us back our son.

Your motto states “Find Your Self Here” – and our son did!”

– Parents of Expedition Therapy student


“At Expedition Therapy, I rediscovered the joy in my life and gained valuable insight into my past. I have found the courage and confidence to choose a life path I am passionate about. I now feel prepared to face the future.

The wilderness is a great teacher, a place I have learned to look to for guidance, humility and fortitude. Expedition Therapy has been a positive and important experience for me, one that I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve his or her life.”

– Former Expedition Therapy student


“Midway through our son’s freshman year of college, he was in a severe car accident. He totaled his car, and a friend riding with him suffered multiple fractures of the femur. Our son walked away with just a broken wrist, but after a long night in the hospital, we discovered that his alcohol use, depression and suicidal thoughts were much worse than we could have imagined. That was our wake up call.

We were desperate and scared for our son’s life. We felt helpless as parents because we lacked the skills needed to deal with his depression, as well as his drug and alcohol use.

The next morning, we contacted the counselor our son had been seeing; he encouraged us to do something immediately. We spoke with Beth Fogel of Expedition Therapy, and a few days later we were on our way to their base in southern Utah.

During his first few weeks at Expedition Therapy, our son rebelled, did not engage with the team and threatened to leave several times. This was a difficult period, but with great guidance from Beth and the Expedition Therapy team, we all made it through. Our son finally started to engage and truly see himself for the first time in a long while. He came to realize that he has a purpose and that life is well worth living.

As his stay at Expedition Therapy was coming to an end, he was honored by becoming a mentor and started helping with the new students coming in. His new level of confidence has him beaming and seeing life with an upbeat attitude.

Our son is alive today because of Expedition Therapy. We can only say “Thank You” from the bottom of our hearts to Beth and the Expedition Therapy team.

We couldn’t be happier having our son back in our lives. We look forward to our son’s progress in life, now that he has the tools to move forward. He actually plans on going back to Kanab from time to time to help the Expedition Therapy team! The bonds he formed at Expedition Therapy will always have a positive impact on his life.

Parents, if you are contemplating sending your son or daughter to spend some quality time with Beth and the Expedition Therapy team, all we can say is this: don’t wait until it’s too late, like we almost did.”

– Parents of Expedition Therapy student


“Words cannot express the gratitude that our family feels toward Beth Fogel and the entire Expedition Therapy team for all they have done for our son. At a time when we felt hopeless, they gave us hope.

Our son was going down a self-destructive path and we were at a loss as to what to do. We wanted our son in a safe environment to explore his feelings and deal with the issues that were plaguing him. From the first conversation we had with Beth, we knew she genuinely cared about our son. Beth was patient with us as we asked endless questions.

Beth and the Expedition Therapy team spent many hours helping our son work through and acknowledge his feelings, emphasizing to him the importance of giving those feelings a voice. When we went on our Family Expedition, we were shocked that our son, who previously had rarely spoken to us, talked nonstop for the entire two days! He was a different person, full of life and for the first time in a long time, full of goals. Expedition Therapy had such an impact on him that he now wants to study psychology and possibly work at Expedition Therapy someday.

Whenever we have the opportunity, we give praise to Expedition Therapy and share the story of our son’s journey toward a brighter future.”

– Parents of Expedition Therapy student


“We are eternally grateful to you and your team at Expedition Therapy for your part in the complete turnaround of our son. Your unique approach and skill in uncovering and treating his many issues has been the difference.

Our lives had become unbearable with our son’s drug addiction. Our inexperience in dealing with addiction turned into enabling, failed attempts with detox and outpatient programs, a five-week inpatient stay, and other transitional programs. We were trying harder than he was and that was part of our insanity.

The ten weeks our son spent in wilderness with you and your Expedition Therapy team was not only therapeutic for him, but for our whole family. We looked forward to your weekly calls with updates on his progress and your counseling for us; just knowing he was safe let us begin to move on with our own lives. During that time he reconnected with reality, accountability, good mental health, learned valuable coping skills for his anxieties and addiction, and became the son we had before his fall.

We know he will have to face more struggles with regard to his addiction, but right now he is strong in sobriety, working his programs, accountable to his sponsor and work, and grateful for all who stood by him and helped him.

Thank you again for helping put our family back together.”

– Parents of Expedition Therapy student


“Expedition Therapy freed our son to reconnect with who he is and reaffirm the person he wants to be. He was stuck, standing in his own way, lacking the coping skills and judgment to move forward.

Beth and the Expedition Therapy team gained his trust, helping him take responsibility for the past. He has been letting go of the mistakes and the guilt, while committing himself to learning and practicing the skills he needs to restore his self-esteem, rebuild his relationships, and set and achieve positive personal goals.

I can’t say enough about the gift the Expedition Therapy team has given us – and more significantly, I know our son would agree.”

– Parents of Expedition Therapy student


“We want to take a moment to tell you what an excellent experience we had with the Expedition Therapy program and with the entire team while our son was in your care. Our choice to send him there was very hard for us. Our previous treatment experiences had left us jaded, frustrated and afraid that no one would be able to break through to him and give him the help he needed. We are so happy we made the decision to have him come to Expedition Therapy.

You have been compassionate and considerate and gave us the time we needed to understand the process happening within our son, what we could do, and how to proceed. Your guidance was reassuring and more importantly, very accurate and spot on. Most important though, is the change we see in our son. He is more self-aware, more confident, more accountable, and more interested in taking on life in a positive way. He has developed new skill sets and insights that are already helping him navigate challenges that come his way. Since Expedition Therapy, we also see our son having a renewed interest to engage in his own life, to stay sober, and to live healthy and fulfill his dreams.

We know our son still has to follow through on making a serious commitment to remain clean, sober and to also keep his life on course. We visited with him recently and he was happy, hopeful, realistic, and working towards his goals. He has a good sense of the direction he wants his life to take and also knows he needs to work at his own pace and values the importance of living in the moment. He also is aware of triggers to his self-destructive patterns and is being proactive by using tools he has learned at Expedition Therapy. He seems to really want to work on making good decisions. Our son looks and feels fantastically healthy and is incredibly excited about his future.

Thank you for helping our family, and most especially our son, to regain a foothold towards a new life. Our entire family has the sincerest respect for you and the entire Expedition Therapy team. We want to honor and acknowledge the way in which you engage young adults, offering them sincere insight, instruction, and technical leadership opportunities. Thanks again.”

– Parents of Expedition Therapy student


“I have just spent two days in the wilderness with my son as part of the Expedition Therapy program. I had not seen him or spoken to him in the nine weeks since he had been sent to Expedition Therapy for treatment.

Our relationship had deteriorated to nothing more than small talk about the weather. He had fallen into a pattern of substance abuse, denials and outright lies. The unbearable level of stress created within the family by his toxic behavior had driven us to the point where either he had to get treatment, or he was going to be put out on the street. The son I sent to Expedition Therapy nine weeks earlier was extremely bitter and wanted nothing to do with me.

This was a surprise visit. As I drove out to the Expedition site with Primary Therapist Beth Fogel, I was both nervous and hopeful about what might happen. As soon as my son realized that I was there, he immediately ran over, greeting me with a big smile and a hug. It was if I had stepped back in time to four years earlier, before his terrible downward spiral started.

For the next two days we talked…a lot. My son confessed that his resentment towards me and the other family members had been driven by his pattern of avoiding the responsibilities of his life. He talked about – and demonstrated – a sense of self-awareness I had never before seen in him. He took full accountability for his actions (again a first for him), and spoke about wanting the relationship with me that I had been hoping for.

I was deeply moved by our conversations. I realized that these two days were quite possibly the best two days of my life; it seemed like we had been given a unique opportunity for a “do over.”

I have never felt closer to my son than I do right now. This outcome was absolutely unthinkable just a few days ago. I am much more optimistic about my son’s future than I have been in many years.

When I initially put my son into the Expedition Therapy program, I viewed it as a last resort after many other treatment failures. After seeing the difference Expedition Therapy has made in his life, I am now very hopeful for my son’s future and the future of his relationships with the entire family.”

-Father of Expedition Therapy student


“Thanks for having me out there to spend some time with my brother while he was at Expedition Therapy. I really got a lot out of my visit and enjoyed the whole experience. The Expedition Therapy team members are all exceptional people with strong character and goals.

I feel closer to my little brother now than I have since we were both small children. I can never thank you enough for how much you have helped him overcome the difficult times and his struggles with addiction and accountability. Best of all, you have helped him rediscover the strong, confident and committed man that he has always been.

Much love and thanks.”

– Brother of Expedition Therapy student


“I am feeling really good about where I am in my life right now. The halfway house is great so far and I have made some good friends. I have a sponsor and for once am working my own program. I go to a meeting every day.

I am working at my Dad’s shop. I have been staying at my parents’ house every Friday night. My Mom is teaching me to cook a new meal each week and I really enjoy spending time with her.

I was really freaked out about the Japanese earthquake, but then realized that it was all out of my control. It’s just something that Mother Nature put into our lives. I know now that I don’t have to deal with these issues on my own – I can make a call and talk to somebody. It isn’t always easy, but I’m learning so much every day. I now understand that I can’t change the past – all I can do is cope with it.

Thank you for always being there for me.”

– Former Expedition Therapy student


“Our Family Expedition with Expedition Therapy was nothing short of amazing! It lasted just three days, but it turned our lives completely around.

Our 18-year-old son had run away from a therapeutic boarding school and returned to our area. He was “couch surfing” and back to using marijuana and alcohol. We were devastated, but followed the rules of tough love – when he wanted to come home after a month of this, we would not allow it. He had turned our family life upside down several times before and we could not allow it again. He was now an adult, making his own decisions, and we could see that they were poor ones. Two months later, we were at our wits’ end! It was exhausting, stressful and terrifying – we constantly feared that he would take his drug use farther or get into trouble with the law.

We searched for answers and Beth Fogel’s name came up more than once. We decided on an Expedition Therapy Custom Family Expedition, with the hope of some positive communication with our son. He was very suspicious about going anywhere with either of us, but he finally agreed. Due to a conflict, my husband had to stay at home, so our Family Expedition became a mother-and-son event.

Within five minutes after arriving in Utah and meeting Beth and Aaron from Expedition Therapy, our son had connected with Beth. I don’t know if it was what she said or the way she said it, but I could see him relax and quickly open up. Beth and Aaron both come off as real people to these struggling young adults. The Expedition Therapy team is truly there to connect to young people and their parents to help resolve the family’s issues. They facilitate moving ideas forward, losing the baggage that is holding people back, and most importantly, problem-solving by simply and calmly looking at the issues in a different way.

Our son did just that. With guidance from Beth and Aaron, he faced the situation he was in. He had to figure out a place he could stay (other than home) that would provide him with the tools to stay clean and sober and finish high school. It also had to be something we would support. After a stimulating and exciting day of outdoor adventure, I left our son with Beth and Aaron and took a long walk for several hours.

When I returned, our son was all smiles. He presented me with his ideas about a sober living house and how he would be able to complete school while he was there. He told me about who he had called for information, what the costs were, and that it was his hope that his father and I would approve, because he wanted to start right away. I struggled to contain my joy; my great guy had turned the corner and was asking to do exactly what we had been trying to make him do. Through our Expedition Therapy experience, he realized the path he had been on was NOT going to bring him the life he wanted. Our son realized that he could make his own positive decisions, and did.

Within days, our son happily moved into his new living arrangements. We talk or text with him daily. He just told me that he is “working the 1st step” in the AA program and that he has a sponsor. At his request, we have helped arrange the program through which he can finish high school.

If it were not for Beth and Aaron, we would still be butting heads with our son. In less than three days, the Expedition Therapy team not only showed us the ancient petroglyphs, but also a way to work together, move forward, and solve problems in a positive way. Thank you, Expedition Therapy, for helping our family.”

– Mother of Expedition Therapy Custom Family Expedition family


“Just wanted to update you on our son’s progress since leaving Expedition Therapy a little over a year ago. He just passed his one-year anniversary of sobriety – we are so pleased! He has completed 90 days of residential treatment, followed by an additional six months in a life skills program. He now lives in an apartment and is working part-time. He has told us that he is firmly resolved to stay sober.

I hope that everything is going well for all of you at Expedition Therapy. We shall always be thankful for having had you in our lives.”

– Mother of Former Expedition Therapy student


“It has proven to be a pleasure to collaborate with Beth Fogel and her Expedition Therapy team. They demonstrate high character, ideals, and motivation. They certainly understand and demonstrate how to meet clients where they are with compassion and concern.

Beth and her team demonstrate tireless motivation and dependability regarding client care, which extends beyond referral. I have learned I can count on their commitment to long-term outcomes and success.

Beth and the Expedition Therapy team possess a wealth of knowledge in a variety of disciplines and the ability to engage even the most resistant young adults. They demonstrate enthusiasm regarding new ideas and maintain a creative ability to utilize these ideas to benefit others. Their depth of experience, abilities, and empathy allow them to successfully educate and confront families, including family members who may impede the therapeutic process.

I am honored to write this letter of support.”

– Director of residential treatment program


“Expedition Therapy was one of the best experiences of my life so far.

All the skills I learned at Expedition Therapy have already helped me in the short time since I left there. I am currently getting my Wilderness First Responder certification, and then I’m going to Alaska and the Yukon for a semester of outdoors leadership courses. I have discovered that staying involved in outdoor recreation activities like these is a great way to focus my energy on positive things.

Thank you so much!”

– Former Expedition Therapy student


“The time I have spent at Expedition Therapy has been the most enlightening experience of my entire life. I am sad to go and sad to have to say goodbye to the staff, who have been there for me literally every day and night, caring for me more than I could ever have imagined. They have given so much toward my emotional growth that I can’t ever thank them enough.

If I could give a last piece of advice, it would be to let go of what’s outside your control, express what you are feeling, say what you mean and mean what you say. Ask for what you need, because the only way you can guarantee you won’t get something…is if you don’t ask.

Thank you and farewell.”

– Former Expedition Therapy student


“We want to thank Beth Fogel and the entire Expedition Therapy team for the amazing effort they put into working with our son.

As a family, we had struggled with our son’s drug and alcohol addiction for many years. We felt lost and hopeless. We did not know what to expect from Expedition Therapy, but it sounded like a very good option. Our son was not thrilled about going, but he had made the commitment to get help.

One of our son’s biggest fears was a fear of heights As it so happened, a rock climbing expedition was planned for the week he arrived at Expedition Therapy. He was thoroughly trained for this expedition and it started off well. Midway through the climb, he experienced some fear and froze. The Expedition Therapy team coached him through it and encouraged him on. He persevered, made it to the top, and enjoyed a great feeling of success. This impressive achievement set the tone for the rest of his time there.

Our son discovered so much about himself at Expedition Therapy. He learned about his addiction, his triggers, his relationships, and his goals. He had spent so many years living inside his own head; now he enjoys experiencing things he never knew he could. He has finally started to enjoy living his life. Expedition Therapy has given him the gift of hope.

Our lives have been forever changed for the better because of our son’s transformational experience at Expedition Therapy. We have been very encouraged to see that he is using the strategies and tools he learned at Expedition Therapy to help him in his recovery. We encourage other parents out there who find themselves in a situation like ours to try Expedition Therapy.”

– Parents of Expedition Therapy student


“I love your willingness to break from the traditional wilderness mode.”

– Director of gap year program


“The customized treatment and adventure components that you offer your students really set Expedition Therapy apart from other programs. I look forward to working together with you.”

– Visiting IECA Educational Consultant from Colorado


“When I left my Dad’s house to go to college, I felt like I was supposed to become an adult overnight. My Mom’s suicide attempt had hardened me to the point where I was ignorant enough to believe that I could mature immediately.

Left to my own devices, I surrounded myself with drugs and alcohol rather than books and healthy social outlets. I underachieved, which increased my depression and anxiety. In the middle of my third semester, I withdrew from school and moved back in with my Dad.

During the next eighteen months, I was fired from two jobs, overdosed twice, and felt completely useless. After my second overdose, I realized that I needed to make a drastic life change. I was finally ready to do the work necessary to get my life together and move forward.

A therapeutic outdoor adventure experience was the obvious choice, because of its ability to address my traumatic events, provide me with emotional strength, and increase my confidence. Luckily, I chose Expedition Therapy. I can’t imagine any other experience being so helpful.

I was challenged in every conceivable way. The Expedition Therapy field staff was so insightful – they constantly illuminated the internal struggles that I could not see. Primary Therapist Beth Fogel provided me with space to reflect, while also challenging me to answer the questions that I was once too depressed to even consider. The physical challenges and successes of each week’s expedition provided me with increasing confidence in myself and helped me to deal with my emotional problems.

As a direct result of the work I did with Expedition Therapy, I have been given my life back.”

– Former Expedition Therapy student


“You are making a difference in the world and in the lives of all the people you touch.”

– Former Expedition Therapy student